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"Bạn cần nhiều sự cố gắng hơn cho lần tới."

Translation:You need to put more efforts for next time.

September 30, 2016



"To have an effort" does not quite make sense in English.


I've replaced it with "to make/put an effort". Are they okay?


Still doesn't work in English. Maybe should be "you need to put in more effort next time".


How about "You need more effort for the next time" ?


'need effort' is unnatural English. The common collcations are 'make an effort' and 'put effort into'.


The comments here about the English all have problems. To start with the original translation "efforts" has pluralised a word that should be singular. In the form as is you would say" you need to put IN more effort next time" However considering the Vietnamese the more literal "you need to try harder next time" is much better. It has been suggested that "make/ put an effort might work" well "to make more of an effort next time" is definately a way this could be said but there is the problem of the Vietnamese definately not saying this i.e. lam. To put an effort Would not be said unless accompanied by " in" so " you need to put in more of an effort next time" . I would definately prefer "you need to try harder next time"


This sentence may make me give up. I consistently get it wrong in english because it is counter intuitive. E.g this time i parroted the pluralised efforts but again instinctively wrote put IN more efforts. I wish someone at Duo would put more efforts

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