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  5. "She has no time to sleep."

"She has no time to sleep."

Translation:Cô ấy không có thời gian ngủ.

September 30, 2016



The English translation really should be "She doesn't have time to sleep." putting the negative with the verb "have" rather than with "time". In English, it makes sense either way, but it would help in the translation to VN to understand WHERE the "không" belongs. Just saying...

August 12, 2018


Missing the word "để"


It's unnecessary.

e.g. Tôi không có đủ tiền (để) mua quần áo = I don't have enough money to buy clothes


Not necessary but if you were to add it into this sentence it'd be something like: "Cô ấy không có thời gian cho việc ngủ nghê".

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