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Additional features I would like to see

  1. A way for teachers to create units with specific vocabulary required for their coures.

  2. A way for teachers to assign students speaking/pronunciation practice where students have to create a recording of their voices pronouncing words that the teacher has selected.

  3. Timed competitive games that two students in the classroom can play with each other on their devices.

  4. A feature where students can submit short writing responses to the teacher at the end of the assignment using words and pictures from the assignment.

October 1, 2016



The features you're looking for are useful for classroom teachers, but they won't fit into what Duolingo is doing; Duolingo is designed for independent learning. You can do all of those things on your school's VLE, though (assuming your school has one).


There are also various other free tools some could use to do it, if they don't have a VLE.

For example, Vocaroo allows someone to record their voice and store it online. The students would only have to save the link and send it to the teacher.


The timed games between students are 100% confirmed not happening. Luis (Duolingo CEO) said this on an external site, but I'e lost the link. They were a part of Duolingo for a while, but were removed.

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