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Enjoying Greek very much, but some things might be introduced more gently?

Hi Folks,

I'm really loving the Greek course, but I'm finding some parts are a bit difficult up front, and I wonder if it's just me or whether my problems might be common to other native English speakers.

The first part is being able to type and spell the language - this is terribly important, but initially I'm having trouble reading Greek, let along spelling it out! I wonder if typing should be restricted for a little longer, until the student has better mastered reading? Or maybe concentrate on simpler words (or even just letters) for awhile? I'm still learning where the 'ς' letter is on my keyboard!

The second thought is the 'parts of speech' lesson seems way too early - if we need to explain grammar, I'd prefer it to be in English. The only other Duo course I've done doesn't even introduce the parts of speech in the native language, but of course uses them frequently in English...

Anyway, excellent work overall and I'm delighted to be doing the course - I spent a year in Greece as young child forty years ago, and it's wonderful to be able to rediscover it through this course!


  • Chris
October 1, 2016



This is the best Duolingo course I have tried. (I've tried Greek - English, English - French and Spanish. A few mishaps, but good pronunciation, and a basic introduction (although, I did have trouble working out what was required sometimes (μι μαμά - I thought I don't know this word μι!)

  • 271

Thank you very much. I hope you go on learning and enjoying it. Yes, that alphabet section is not what we would have wished it to be. We will make it more user-friendly after beta. Thank you for your input and keep sending it.


I completely agree, I think a phonetic start would be better. The Chinese course is good for that gentle introduction.

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