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  5. "Το ποτήρι του χυμού."

"Το ποτήρι του χυμού."

Translation:The juice glass.

October 1, 2016



From what I have been able to find out, the only valid translation for "Το ποτήρι του χυμού" should be "the juice glass" (i.e. the glass used to serve juice in). In contrast, "the glass of juice" should be "Το ποτήρι χυμός," right?


I would never use a sentence like "το ποτήρι του χυμού" to talk about a glass of juice. You're right about "the juice glass"... Commonly, you would hear "ένα ποτήρι χυμό" (a glass of juice), "το ποτήρι με τον χυμό" (the glass of juice), "αυτό το ποτήρι με χυμό" (this glass of juice), "πόσα ποτήρια χυμό;" (how many glasses of juice?) . I'm sorry if it seems too confusing, but that's the way graecophone people commonly speak!


Ευχαριστώ for the accessible explanation! Έχω μια ερώτηση παρακαλώ: why το ποτήρι χυμό and not ...χυμός? Is there a reason for the accusative case, or is it just an arbitrary grammatical expression?


Hello! Please consult the link to a similar discussion here


stunning contribution xxx


Maybe one can one think of the translation as "the glass of the juice" instead ?

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No, that is not correct. It is "the juice glass" that's the name. Don't try to twist it to agree with the Greek. Get used to the idea that languages do not always translate word for word. use the Drop Down hints to find the word required for the translation and you'll be sure to have a truely natural use.


Yeah you're right, I'm just trying to wrap my head around some of the translations

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This seems to be another multi-service sentence. "Το ποτήρι του χυμού" is both the glass used for juice but also "the glass of juice". This is making me think of rather comical exchanges in Greek over which it should be. But as with all languages, it works out in the end. Thanks again.


It's exclusively the glass used for juice! A glass of juice would be either "ένα ποτήρι χυμό" or "το ποτήρι με τον χυμό".


Another construction marked for extinction, I hope. Whenever I’m in Greece, I’m going with ένα ποτήρι χυμό to get my glass of juice. Thank you all for your kind contributions.


"Ποτήρι του χυμού" is a description of the glass. "Ποτήρι χυμό" shifts the focus to what's inside the glass.


I’ve downgraded my original remark. I’ve learned it’s possible to have a glass with a designated use. Thanks for the clarification!

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