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"Το δείπνο είναι σε μία εβδομάδα."

Translation:The dinner is in a week.

October 1, 2016



English relies on the inclusion/lack or the article to change the meaning (i.e. "Dinner is in one week " is different from "THE dinner is in one week" ), but since Greek usually includes the article anyway, is there another way to distinguish these meanings?


The only way would be through context. That's interesting there doesn't seem to be a problem due to the inability to distinguish the "dinners" in Greek. It seems to be a matter of getting used to it. Very good point indeed.


Thanks for your answer and explanation. It's not a big deal- the romance languages do it the same way too (always include the article), so I am used to it, but I was just curious.


What does "A dinner is in a week" mean? I am not native English speaker. Do they have dinner once a week? Do they have lack of meal?


It says "The dinner" not a dinner...meaning a specific dinner. It could be a dinner in honor of some event..."a wedding" for example, or "a graduation" etc. "in a week" means after** a week. It does not mean they only eat once a week.


Thank you! Very clear, I get it


See French hebdomadaire, a weekly newspaper.


To .Zehl: in Portuguese 'hebdomadário', with the same meaning. Greetings. February 06, 2017.


How to say "The dinner is once a week" ?


Το δείπνο είναι μία φορά την εβδομάδα.

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