"È un pesce."

Translation:It is a fish.

February 7, 2013

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I think that "this is a fish" means the same as "it is a fish", it should be one of the proper answers


"This is" would be "questo/questa è" - it has a different pronoun than "lui/lei", which would be "he/she/it". So unfortunately "this is a fish" isn't a proper answer, because that would be "questo è un pesce".


I put it as it is a fish


Is peche just for cooked fish or is it used for fish in a pond too


It's used for both.


Technically speaking, couldn't this sentence also mean "He is a fish." and "She is a fish."? Without any context, it isn't fully clear, is it?


I put "he is a fish" and think it should have been accepted. The sentence could refer to a character in a book or someone's fancy dress costume.


You're right, it could definitely be "he is a fish"! I'm not sure about "she" though... Is there a feminine version of "pesce", like how there are masculine and feminine versions of "cook" (cuoco / cuoca)?


Is there any rule to pronounce "sc" ?

[deactivated user]

    It sounds like the english "sh"

    peSCe = fiSH


    Italian tends to drop the subject, but you can tell from the verb what form it is. "È" means "he, she, or it is" (and with the formal you, "Lei," "you are"). In English, you always write the subject, but in Italian you don't, especially for "it."


    When she talks to you it sounds like she says Pes-shey (Pesce) but I know in italian the grammar rule for ce/ci = "che/chi" sounds so my question is do we prounce it like how she days it or for what the italian grammar rule; unless theres something for "sc" that I havent read about..


    SC followed by I or E makes a SHEH or SHEE noise, such as prosciutto.


    I accidentally put,"is is a fish"


    you said il pesce i heard it right could you please pronounce it clearly


    please pronounce it clearly, i heard il pesce and not e un pesce

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