Sound Problems

my sound has gone.any thoughts

February 12, 2014


There are some solutions to solve this problem :

  1. Look if you haven't muted your computer.
  2. If you are using a headset/speaker, put it on another device to see if it still works (for example a mobile phone, mp3 player, etc.).
  3. Look at your settings to see if you haven't clicked on putting the 'sound effects', 'speakers' or something else off, if you have done that, just push on 'on' and afterwards 'Save Changes'.
  4. If you have a slow computer, you just have to wait more or less 10 seconds, if you still don't get any sound after, push on your sound and make it louder.

These are some solutions, if these didn't work, let me know, I will try to get some more solutions :). Have a nice day!

I recommend calling this "Sound problems" :)

duolingo on my pc: even though the other soundeffects are fine, there's no sound for spoken words in the exercises. Speakers, microphone and sound effects- settings are on. On my phone duolingo is working fine. What could be the problem?

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