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  5. "I miei pantaloni"

"I miei pantaloni"

Translation:My pants

February 7, 2013


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I'm more than a little disappointed that it rejected my "my trousers" though it offers trousers as a translation. Speaking as an English English speaker "pants" are not the same thing at all.


In the north of England we say pants. It has been fixed on duo though. Trousers is accepted now.


It accepted "my trousers" for me. Maybe it has been corrected since your post?


Or "pants" for that matter. Also in the plural. I'm surprised DL doesn't accept "trousers" for "pantaloni", since here in Canada, where we are quadrilingual (we can speak American English, British English, Canadian English AND French, hahaha!) we know that "pants" can also mean "trousers" AND we use both words interchangeably. Also, we use the word "underpants" and "underwear" to indicate the clothing we wear "under" our other clothing.


and just for fun - pants for women are often called slacks


Stop talking about underwear!


That is not quadrilingual...is bilingual. Do not flatter yourself.


I was being tongue in cheek. Not flattering myself. Sorry for the misunderstanding. (And I'm only apologising because it's Canada's national pastime, not because I mean it.)


Agree with Shep1 and taffarelbergamin, pants are only trousers in North American English. In English they are the garments worn underneath the trousers as I live in England and speak English (please note this is not 'British English' or 'English English' - it is just 'English' in England). I don't mind at all that pants is correct in other national variants but I really don't want be forced to dilute my native language when trying to learn another language. Is there an 'English to Italian' mode available rather than the 'American English to Italian' offered here? Next you'll be asking me to 'revert' and saying it means 'reply' :-)


I have heard revert used in place of reply by a non native English speaker. I thought they were confused. I am American but swear that is wrong usage, is that term associated with American English?

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It is certainly not English to use revert as a substitute for reply. Quite a different word. Though if I were to say, "Get back to". that might be reply, and "Go back to" could be revert. As in "Revert to a former condition". I wonder if that is what is causing the confusion. "The ice has reverted to water", has gone back to water. "I have gone back to them with my reply." See what I mean? Don't you just love English?


Using "revert" to mean "reply" is more common in formal business communication, e.g. at the end of an email ("Please revert by COB"). You might find it used by people who like to do "blue sky thinking", and "shift the paradigm of best practice", etc. You wouldn't use it in conversational speech. Or ever, unless you want to sound like a complete moron.


No. Cause "ee" makes the long "e" sound. When I was little I thought it made a short "e" sound. So no I don't like English, I hate it. Bye!


Indeed! Pants are underwear in uk.I believe it should be trousers!


In Italian, is "i pantaloni" a pair of pants, or is that "il pantalone"?

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Technically, "il pantalone" is a single leg, and the correct term should be "i pantaloni". However, in informal speech both pantalone and calzone have somehow become accepted, even by most dictionaries.


Seems to make sense that way because °i miei pantaloni° makes me think i have more than one pair (though i knew this to be a pair - it just seems logical to accept more than one pair at this point with possesives)


But in English it is exactly that way as well... you already say trousers, which is said as plural because it is a pair of trousers as much as you would say glasses, for example


when do I use "i miei" and "le mie"?


It depends on the gender and number of the possession:

  • il mio abito = my suit (masculine singular)
  • i miei pantaloni = my pants (masculine plural)
  • la mia camicia = my shirt (feminine singular)
  • le mie calze = my socks (feminine plural)


does pantaloni have a plural noun? because they have used the same word for il mio and i miei?


The singular pantalone has the same meaning as the plural pantaloni, but is used less. Multiple pairs are always pantaloni.

  • il mio pantalone (a pair)
  • i miei pantaloni (a pair)
  • i miei pantaloni (multiple pairs)


So, does it here mean 'pants' or 'trousers'?

  • pantaloni (it) = pants (en-US) = trousers (en-UK)


It recognises sweets and 'candies' as variants of the same thing - trousers and 'pants' should be the same thing....


"My trousers" is now accepted.


When do I use the article with poss adje and when not? I miei genitori or just miei genitori?


From the Possessives tips and notes:

"In Italian an article is almost always mandatory before a possessive. The exceptions are:

It's not used before close family members, in the singular and not modified, e.g. "mio padre" (my father), unless the possessive is "loro" (in which case the article is needed).

It's optional when the possessive adjective is alone as a predicate, e.g. "è mio" (it's mine).

It's not used in a small number of set phrases, e.g. "casa mia" (my home)."


I think it should also accept slacks. That's what we call them here, more often than pants

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To me, in the UK, slacks is a very old fashioned word. My mother used to call them slacks and evven then not as she grew older. I think most people would call them trousers these days, or jeans, capris etc if the style suggested that. Pants in the UK, as has been said, are quite a different thing.


Well, at least where I have lived in the US, slacks is the most common word for women's "trousers." In fact, I rarely hear the word trousers at all, except maybe in advertisements. Men's "trousers" can be slacks also, but possibly the word (slacks) is used more often with women's wear.


What's wrong with "They're my pants"?

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Because it doesn't say "They're" - just "My pants".


why is spelling sooooo important? I spelled cappello with only one p and I was wrong. Is that another word?


is "meie" another word? My spelling sucks and I keep getting the "wrong" answer.


why not slacks__


Alternatively "My pants!"


i stole them from you


My pants! No my pants!


Trousers? Why not britches as well?


but pants are not the same thing as trousers...


they are not your pants you stole them from me and give them back


Lick my pants, my shirt, my socks, and my back!


Sh!t just got real when u have to claim your own goddang pants!

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