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  5. "I am in the hall."

"I am in the hall."

Translation:Είμαι στο χολ.

October 1, 2016



Can i also say " είμαι μεσα στο χολ"


It's already included in the alternative sentences.


ειμαι στην αιθουσα


As we mentioned in the sentence "Το πράσινο χολ.' here the word "hall" in Eng. and the similar "χολ' in Gr. differ in some areas.

hall in Eng. means: 1. hallway, corridor, vestibule in Greek is: χολ, προθάλαμος, διάδρομος not a room "αίδουσα". OR 2. Large room for special purpose: concert hall, a space for public events, the hall for the wedding reception etc)

In the sentence here "hall" could have the second translation only with more context. Otherwise, "hall" is translated as χολ, * προθάλαμος, διάδρομος*.

And as if that were not confusing enough there is a technical problem with the sentence above. The hints are not shown under the words in the sentences to be translated. (But rather in the answer.) I'm working on that.

Thanks for your patience. :-{


just a note:

Since the question was in English without further context I am in the hall could mean I am in the corridor, the vestibule, or it could mean I am in the reception hall as for a wedding. Hall used by itself at least in New York often means a place for a wedding reception, etc.

So while the reverse translation of χολ from what I gather from these discussions and your explanation seems to be confined to words describing a hallway or corridor when the translation is from english to greek the word hall can mean many different things without any associated context.

As far as "patience" is concerned my discussion notes do not reflect on my patience. As an older individual who has heretofore eschewed any kind of electronic communication other than email I find it fascinating at how well this type of group discussion works in this setting. I am also amazed at how much more fun it is to dust off the cobwebs from my Greek and French than it was sitting in class in the pre- personal computer age.

In my job I teach students and fellows and they all carry electronic devices which greatly enhances their learning.

Kudos to all the people who have put together these Duolingo language programs.


Yes, and I would say that the Eng. "hall" refers to "corridor" etc. but also to the "the hall for the wedding reception." I'm from NY too. :D

In Greek "χολ" is only the "corridor'' etc. with or without context

Sometimes, in spite of the magic of the internet our ideas, intonations etc don't come across and that's why I mentioned patience . I find I need many more words to explain something in writing than if it were face to face.

I'm glad you enjoy the course it is meant to be enjoyable. And finally, but far from least thank you for your kind words. It is so inspiring to have good reviews.


"βρίσκομαι στο χολ" could it be accepted?


It's already included in the alternative sentences.


είμαι στο χωλ έγραψα, με μικρό ε στο είμαι και το έβγαλε λάθος


Duo doesn't reject sentences due to lack of capitals, accents or punctuation. So, there must have been another error. A screenshot would help a lot to see what you wrote and what Duo replied.


Oh, wait. Sorry. I just saw we have "χολ" of course "χωλ" is also correct. I've added it to the incubator. Thank you.

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