"I pass."

Translation:Εγώ περνώ.

October 1, 2016

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It's correct! Added :)


I have played card games in Greece and when they have to "pass" they say the italian/spanish word "passo/paso" which translates into the same. Is this only for games or can you say it in another context?


It's only for games. ;)


Games like card and board games where you might pass your turn or also games like football and basketball where you pass the ball to someone?


(Πάω) πάσο is only used in card games, and we also use it in everyday speech sometimes, to convey a similar meaning - I see your point so I give up in an arguement. For passing the ball in sports games we use κάνω/δίνω πάσα (η πάσα - fem) or πασάρω.

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Hm, I just entered "περνάω" and was told that I had a typo in my answer and that the correct answer was "Pernao", ie, in Greeklish. General strengthening on web.


So is there any distinction in pronunciation between παίρνω & περνώ other than the tonos?


No, and that's why many people confuse them and spell them wrong. :)


What about επιτυγχάνω, as in passing an exam?


Περνάω is indeed used for passing exams, but is not necessarily associated with success in this context as επιτυγχάνω is. IN Greek you can succeed in passing an exam but you don't 'succeed the exam' itself -that works in French though!


As D_.. said, περνάω τις εξετάσεις doesn't necessarily mean success (I may have barely passed and I didn't get the marks I was expecting). If you want to say that you have succeeded in the exams you can say Πέτυχα στις εξετάσεις (please notice that you have to put a preposition before the article σε+τις = στις and not use the article alone in this case).


why does to spend (time) and to pass have the same word?


You mean why περνώ τον χρόνο μου = spend my time, uses the verb περνώ;
Well, in Greek if someone says "ξοδεύω τον χρόνο μου" you will understand that he is doing nothing constructive and feel like their time was misused.
Also, to answer your question, different languages use the words differently. I think that "περνώ χρόνο" and "spend time", both make sense if you think about them.


And we say in English..."How did you pass your time?" etc.

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