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  5. "Whose xylophone is this?"

"Whose xylophone is this?"

Translation:Ποιανού είναι αυτό το ξυλόφωνο;

October 1, 2016



...just have to keep reminding myself of the proper word order...


Actually, the word order is not set in stone. You can also say: "Ποιανού ξυλόφωνο είναι αυτό;" just note that you lose the definite article "το" which is replaced by: Ποιανού /Ποιανής/Τίνος.


Duly noted. And that was my problem, then: I kept the definite article in a word order that didn't want it.


I wrote that, but it was counted as a wrong answer. Could be because I forgot the question mark/semicolon, though.


First, answers are not rejected for questions marks. What did you write so I can help you figure out what was rejected? We need more info to get to the bottom of the problem. I'm waiting for your reply.


Exactly what you wrote above - Ποιανού ξυλόφωνο είναι αυτό, just with a small π and no question mark.


Neither the "π" nor the question mark are a problem. But you did change the word order. However, your sentence is correct and we will edit our incubator to accept ti. for now use the word order above so you can move on. Thank you for your information it will help us improve the course.


Τίνος ξυλόφωνο είναι αυτό;


What is the difference between ποιανης and ποιανού... Don't they both mean whose?


They're for female and male owners, respectively.


I used 'Ποιανοι' and made a typo. I thought if you didn't know the gender of the person (which in this case, you don't) then you go with the masculine?

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Yes you do use the masculine, but you've used the wrong case -in fact the only reason why it was corrected as a typo and not rejected is because ποιανοι does not exist as a word. It looks like a plural nominative but it simply does not exist. Ποιανού is the singular genitive, just like ποιου. You can review the declensions of ποιος on wiktionary here.


These are the pronouns that we accept for this sentence: [Ποιανού/Ποιανής/Ποιου/Ποιας/Τίνος]

For further information see the comment by D_..


I wrote "ποιανος" and Duo said I had a spelling mistake (I have a hard time remembering /this one/ masculine is the same as the neuter). That's fine and all, but Duo also said the correct answer should have been "ποιανής". That doesn't seem right to me, the gender should match with the noun ("ξυλόφωνο", neuter), right?


But "whose" doesn't have anything to do with the xylophone itself. It's about the owner of the xylophone.


If I ask whose, it is implied that i do not know the owner. So I tought ποιανου is a best choice (one ower of unknown gender). But the answer always gives ποιανης, like everything should belong to ladies (even bears)


If you look at the top of this page you'll see that the given answer is "ποιανού" so why do you insist that only the feminine is accepted.

If your sentence was rejected you should have Reported it. See here for how to report and other advice:



thanks! It's just my Android version keeps giving me ποιανής as given answer. See know that it is not so on PC version.


Sorry, that's the first I've heard of this. We have the main transalation as shown above and that is what should be shown each time. But we also have alternatives in the event that someone uses another gender but they are not to be shown to the learner otherwise.

I'll try to see what's causing this and hope it can be fixed quickly.


Would it be right "Ποιανού αυτό το ξυλόφωνο είναι;"? Thanks!


Isnt this answer whose is this xylophone? rather than whose xylophone is this? Which is the question you asked. Or can you only say it one aay round in Greek? I dunno


They updated the Greek lesson to teach us “τίνος, which can be used like “ποιανού» or “ποιανής» , nothing is clear about the difference between “ποιανού» and “τίνος» so as I said before , I wish you never updated this course !!!

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