"Are these skirts or pants?"

Translation:Ezek szoknyák vagy nadrágok?

October 1, 2016

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Is that pants, as in trousers?


This is just an observation from me "ezek" (these) would imply multiple items, as does "sok" and yet we have. "Ezek szoknyák" and not "Ezek szoknya" Just thinking out loud.


These structures are grammatically different: Ezek szoknyák (subject+predicate) -These are skirts. But sok szoknya (quatity + noun) = many skirts


Why is there no pronoun in this sentence, a la "Ezek a szoknyák vagy nadrágok pants?"


Your confusion must be coming from "these skirts". But those two words do not belong together here. Rather, there is an implied "things":

"Are these (things) skirts or pants?"

The same thing is happening in the Hungarian sentence:

"Ezek (a dolgok) szoknyák vagy nadrágok?"

See, there is your missing article, omitted.


I'd love to help but I don't get what your problem is.

Ezek szoknyák. = These are skirts.

Ezek a szoknyák. = These skirts. / These are the skirts.

I hope that clears it up.

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