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  5. "Lei avrebbe due fratelli."

"Lei avrebbe due fratelli."

Translation:She would have two brothers.

February 12, 2014



Why is "She would have two siblings." wrong?


I would report that, and ask them to accept your answer.


Because the sentence is only about brothers, not brothers and sisters.

Now, in what context she "would" have them would be my question... The only one I can imagine is if her mother is pregnant with twins and she just learned she'd have two brothers. Quite a stretch, but it's a possibility, I guess.


How about: If she were to be adopted into that family, she would have two brothers. Perfectly plausible sentence.


Sorry but without context fratelli can mean siblings. Here siblings is absolutely correct.


This appears to be a much more difficult verb tense than shown. This sentence is set in the present, but is referring back to the past as an action that occurred. Please explain it.


she might have... they accept "might have" in other conditional sentences and it makes at least as much sense as DL's answer.


If that's my idea about her family, "She must have two brothers" should be accepted..

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