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  5. "Αυτή κάνει τα πάντα."

"Αυτή κάνει τα πάντα."

Translation:She is doing everything.

October 1, 2016



To prevent misinterpretation, let me say there is no gerund form in greek. This is just a how-one-would-express-english-gerund-in-greek section.


There's no gerund in the English sentence either for that matter ;).


Why not " She makes everything"?

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I would stick with κάνω=do and φτιάχνω=make, unless it is a specific phrase where only one of the two is correct, e.g. Κάνω λάθος = I make a mistake. You cannot make a mistake in Greek! Φτιάχνω is a bit more of a creative process in comparison...


Thank you very much D. Without help it's hard to pick up these differences from a dictionary.:-)


Why isn't this "she's always doing this."?


Why isn't this "she's always doing this."?

"She always makes them" would be αυτή τα κάνει πάντα -- short form pronouns such as τα "them" come before the verb (except in commands).

Here, τα πάντα is one unit and means "everything".

(And "she always does this" would be "αυτό το κάνει πάντα".)

Finally, for things that happen "always", the present simple "does/makes" is better than the present continuous "is doing/is making".


Thank you very much. I had not realised that τα πάντα was one unit at all. Also that the position of τα is critical to the meaning.

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