Translation:To colour

October 1, 2016



Why is only 'to colour' accepted and not 'colour'. English does not have the Latin language concept of infinitive and Welsh does not appear to either. I don' t understand why the 'to' is demanded.


This explained in the first set of 'hints and tips' for the course and through reminders in some others.

Welsh uses a verb-noun form for the base form of its verbs - similar to the -ing form in English, or a Latin gerund, but with a slightly different range of uses.

On the course we cannot do what a dictionary does for standalone words and indicate whether they are nouns, verbs, etc. To avoid the confusion we use the convention of translating standalone verb-nouns as 'xxxing' or 'to xxx'. So:

  • lliw - colour, a colour
  • lliwio - to colour, colouring
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