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  5. "Εγώ αγαπάω."

"Εγώ αγαπάω."

Translation:I love.

October 1, 2016



It would be helpful for a modern Gk speaker to give a brief overview of the different nuances of the verbs for love in Gk. The ancient Gks, of course, had several words for love and they could be used in distinct ways even as there was some overlap and not complete consistency.

December 3, 2018


The two verbs are "αγαπάω/αγαπώ"=to love and "ερωτεύομαι"=to fall in love. Do you have something specific in mind?

December 4, 2018


But that’s agape, a specific divine-like love, innit?

October 1, 2016
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