"Do you fill the glass?"

Translation:Γεμίζεις το ποτήρι;

October 2, 2016

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I'm guessing this is where the word γεμιστά comes from?


I think a more accurate English translation would be, "Are you filling the glass?"


Greek does not have a separate tense for present continuous so, since there is no context either is fine.


I typed Γεμίζετε το ποτήρι and got a "Pay attentention to the accents" with the line γεμιζετε το ποτήρι; Should there be no accent in this case or is it just a bug?


Thank you, we had a mistake in the database. I've corrected it.


γεμιζετε το ποτιρι

just letting you know of another case of disallowing the formal/plural form


Thank you I'm edting now.


Γεμίζετε το ποτίρι seems still to be missing in the database


Sorry: I made a mistake: ποτίρι instead of ποτήρι. But: I got a :"Pay attention to the accents.": γεμιζετε το ποτήρι;


Right, no problem thanks for letting us know.


Γέμισες is incorrect?


It's incorrect. Did you mean another word?

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No put in ' γεμισες το ποτηρι ' on a respected translator and it came up with ' did you fill the glass ' even checked again before I sent this comment . I also checked on a tablet of mine , with a spell checker and it even spelt the word as I did with rest of the sentence , the answer just the same . !!!


"on a respected translator and it came up with ' did you fill the glass

'Yes, but here the sentence is " Do you fill the glass." Please look at the top of this page.

And when you give a reference it's the usual academic procedure to include the name of the reference.


think from the beginning of this conversation , I may have been confused by you initial reply , did I mean another word , no I meant this one , however if you had said I spelt it incorrectly σ in stead of ζ I may not have been so confused . Admittedly when checking I spelt it correctly but it took some time to realise the error.

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