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  5. "This is a newspaper."

"This is a newspaper."

Translation:Αυτή είναι μια εφημερίδα.

October 2, 2016



I thought that one doen't have to translate "this" (αυτι). Why is it a mistake?


You don't have to say αυτή when it means "it" (or "she") -- but you do need it for "this".


Why is Αυτή είναι εφημερίδα not acceptable? I thought a was sometimes implicit. When is μία needed?


As a native speaker (but not a teacher), i am strugling to explain this in a way that isn't too complicated but here is my take:

Practically you cou say Αυτή είναι εφημερίδα although that would be more informal. Including μια makes the sentence more complete, which makes sense to learn when you are in an early lesson.

Context is important here. In most cases no one would make a statement like "This is a newspaper" unless someone asked what an object is.

If somone points to a newspaper and asks "What is this?" (Τι είναι αυτό;) , the response would be (Αυτό είναι μια εφημερίδα). Notice that in both the question and the answer I used αυτό instead of αυτή. This is because the person who asks the question doesn't know what is the object yet and thus it is addressed as a generic object at that point. Again μια can be ommited but it is more informal. It's best to learn to include μια at this point for countable words as it is more proper.

Finally there is a case where exluding μια changes the meaning a bit. If you want to add emphasis that a newspaper is good , then you need to intonate αυτή and say (Αυτή ειναι εφημεριδα!) as in "Now that's what i call a newspaper!" Again, this is another casual expression.


I came to the comments wondering the same thing. In many of the previous questions it was acceptable to drop the indefinite article (ένας, μία, ένα).


When ‘αυτός, αυτή, auto is used articles go in front of the noun. I read it on tips but can’t find it now.


This is s valid question. I have the same impression from another Greek course I'm doing at (Learn Greek Online at kypros.net). Can someone knowledgeable please answer?


How do I write efimerida? It keeps rejecting this spelling. What is the right way to write newspaper?


What is the right way to write newspaper?

The right way is εφημερίδα.


Why can't I omit the subject?


Because here it says "This is a newspaper" and not "It is a newspaper". "This" in Greek is the non-omitted αυτός, αυτή, αυτό.


what is the difference between ειναι and ειμαι?


είμαι is "(I) am"; είναι is (he/she/it) is" or "(they) are".


Thanks! So does that mean that είναι is used for both plural and singular?


I cant seem to be able to type "this is a newspaper" on my keyboard. I cant finish the lesson which means I cant move on. I have been stuck for over a week. I don't know what English letters to type to be correct for the Greek translation. I need help. If you want to check it it is Greek basics part 2. Also the Greek keyboards don't work on my computer.

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I don't know what English letters to type to be correct for the Greek translation.

Answers typed in the Latin alphabet will not be accepted beyond a point. For more on that and help to install a Greek keyboard please read the course's FAQs sticky post here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23799672.


go to https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/greek_modern.htm It changes Latin letter to Greek letters and then you can copy/paste the answer into duolingo

[deactivated user]

    Yeah, I use that site for other languages that don't use Latin letters, too.


    I cannot access the greek alphabet


    Press the globe button next to space bar. If it's not there go into your phone settings and add Greek as a language


    Don't understand when to use ένα and when to use μια, i keep getting it wrong. Also when to use ένα and when to use ενασ ? Τhank you!

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    The masculine, feminine, neuter forms for the indefinite article 'a' are ένας, μία/μια, ένα while for the definite article 'the' they are ο, η, το. See the tips in the Basics 1 section: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/el/Basics-1/tips-and-notes. There are some patterns for endings, see for example this link. It's understandable to be making mistakes in the beginning. But it means you're still trying and you're learning and you will get better at this. After a while the patterns will reveal themselves to you, have patience. Keep going! :)

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