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Basic Level 2

I am quite frustrated at present. Over the past couple of days I have attempted and completed with 100% accuracy at least 6 times! the basic level 2 and yet I cannot seem to earn the 'degree star' that shows that I have completed it. Each time I log in it says I have not completed the basic level two. What is wrong and how can i get past this? I don't see any links to Contact the folks in charge of tech support. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance. Gail

February 7, 2013



Your skill tree shows you haven't completed any lessons in Basics 2. You have to wait for the screen to complete refresh each time you complete a lesson otherwise sometimes it doesn't register it as completed. Other than that I can't really help you.


On the left there is a tab called "Feedback". Try it.


Thank you amigos. I seem to be on track now.

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