"Peter walks to those trees, where the red car stands."

Translation:Azokhoz a fákhoz sétál Péter, ahol a piros autó áll.

October 2, 2016

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why is 'azokhoz a fákhoz sétál peter, hol a piros autó áll' wrong?


The regular, "normal" usage is "ahol". "Ahol" is the relative pronoun. "Hol" is normally a question word. But I can imagine some dialect where they prefer the "hol" version for the relative role.


It's poor style here. If it's not poetry, you might get eye-rolls. (Even if it is poetry, tbh.) I mean, it's the same reason why you shouldn't use "thou" when you translate to English.


I have a different question: What's wrong with "Péter azokhoz a autókhoz sétál, ahol áll a piros autó."? (This was one of the choices in the multiple-choice question.) Is it because "áll is in the wrong place? The first half of the sentence seems like it should be OK, though, but if not, I'd like to know why. Thanks.


Oh damn! I just spotted the error! ("a autókhoz") Never mind! :)

Would the sentence have been OK if "az" had been used instead?


Good Lord. I need more tea. Or a few hours' extra sleep. I didn't even notice it was the wrong word.


Why not ... Azokhoz a fákhoz Péter sétál...


Remember, the item just before the verb is in the focus position. So it makes sense that the 'those trees' would be in that position. Your version puts Péter in the focus position, implying that you mean 'It is Péter (rather than John or Paul) who is walking ...'.

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