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"The red buses are moving by the school too."

Translation:A piros buszok is az iskolánál haladnak.

October 2, 2016



It would seem to me that "is" should follow iskolánál. The buses are moving by the store, the bank and the school too. School is the additional thing they are moving by. I wrote: A piros buszok az iskolánál is haladnak.


Both translations are alright, the "too" here can refer to any part of the sentence.

"People are running there, but the red buses are moving by the school too."


What would be the difference, if we use iskolá mellett?


if we say "iskolánál" it means normally in front of,or by/at/next to the school.somewhere around the school,close to it.


mellett should be fine too, since it's context-dependent


The sentence is a natural translation in Hungarian : " A piros buszok mennek az iskolához is" or " A piros buszok az iskolához is mennek". English distinguishes between living and lifeless movements. The Hungarian does not. In Hungarian it does not matter that people are moving or people moved by objects. Such as vehicles. Everyone/everything goes"=megy"

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