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"The sink is next to the stove."

Translation:Ο νεροχύτης είναι δίπλα στην κουζίνα.

October 2, 2016



Κουζίνα is kitchen. Φούρνο is oven/stove. Never heard them interchangeable.

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Φούρνος is the oven only, not the stove.


I thought that κουζίνα doesn't mean the same as "the stove". How is it exactly?


In the UK the cooker is the cooker, not the stove. The stove is for heating. In Greek stove is σομπα - but Duo marks it wrong: https://screenshots.firefox.com/yxFiNoKvPDFpWE3d


Sorry - this screenshot is wrong: it should have /www.duolingo.com at the end. I deleted it by mistake.


According to more than one dictionaries, the Greek translation of stove is κουζίνα/ηλεκτρική κουζίνα/μάτι κουζίνας (I think the third one is one that's more commonly used, even though it might sound a bit weird). Σόμπα is definitely not one of them, and I don't think any Greek person would understand that someone is talking about σόμπα if they use the word stove. Heater is the word for σόμπα that's used the most, if not excusively. I've personally never heard the word cooker being used in this context, but that's maybe because it's the UK version.

I'm afraid this is one of those cases where we would have to compromise with the AE version, because it's the one that corresponds to the Greek word best.


Understood - but just for the record the Pocket Oxford Greek Dictionary gives 'stove' (heating) σόμπα, θερμάστρα, (cooking) κουζίνα, 'cooker' (stove) κουζίνα, and 'κουζίνα', kitchen, kitchen-stove ...


Yes. That seems legit, considering that Οxford's Dictionary is a British, English-Greek dictionary, so there's a high chance of more than a few (if not most) entries corresponding to BE as well.


In this lesson, one sentence began with H (ee), and another with O, and the voice said "eeta" and "omicron". instead of the articles.


' Σόμπα ' not a strove ?


If I understand you correctly you are asking if a "σόμπα" is the same as a "stove".

A "stove" (or cooker) in English is the 'κουζίνα" that we use for cooking but it can also be what we use for heating in other words "σόμπα". It would be a small unit such as a wood burning stove, not central heating, or an electric heater.


Why us δίπλα στο φούρνο not an acceptable answer?


Articles before masculine nouns never omit the -ν, so its should be στον φούρνο.


Because we are talking about the stove..."κουζίνα" ΝΟΤ the oven φούρνο


The same question everywhere. Necessary to change write answer


ο νεροχύτης είναι δίπλα στον φούρνο is deemed incorrect, though I feel it should be accepted. I have reported it, but am I wrong to have done so?


I've left a comment in the reverse discussion which I hope proves helpful.


Very helpful, thank you.


The Greek word "κουζίνα" therefore means both "kitchen" and "stove"?


Yes, troll1995 has left a comment above.


Never ever heard κουζίνα used for the word stove/oven...in saying this I am a second generation Australian Greek!!!


That's what it's called in Greece, and I've been here over 50 years. Give us a variation and we will add it. And to be more specific 'κουζίνα" is the stove with the oven. "Oven" alone is "φούνος".

Have a look here and check out the images.



Thank you.

For those German speaking people, that don't understand English perfectly, like me:

  • stove = Herd = κουζίνα
  • oven = Backrohr = φούρνος


Thank you that's very kind. Let me add one more because in British English there's another word.

  • stove/cooker=Herd=κουζίνα


how can stove and kitchen be the same?


In Greek, the same word "κουζίνα" is used for "kitchen" as well as for the appliance you cook on "stove" (or "cooker in BE).


My expence is that "σόμπα" is a wood, coal or other type fueled heater -like a pot-bellied stove - but not electric i think but I (I guess mistakenly) thought an oven/gas or electic (δύο, τέσσαρα κτλ "ματια) combo refered mainly to the oven (ο φούρνος). I cooked on my τζάκι.


When we speak of a "stove" used for cooking we mean "μια κουζίνα". You can also have "a stove" for heating which in Greek could be "σόμπα".

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