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"Το σαλόνι έχει ένα φωτιστικό."

Translation:The living room has a lamp.

October 2, 2016



Does φωτιστικό refer only to moveable lights, like floor and table lamps, or can it also refer to an overhead/ceiling light?


As Stergi3 said, I feel like φωτιστικό could mean anything. Anything that it's not just an electric bulb (λάμπα). So yes, it could refer to floor, table, or ceiling lamps. ^.^


In that case, could "the living room has one light" be acceptable? I've been marked wrong (on multiple questions I believe) for translating φωτιστικό as light rather than lamp. I don't know if it's regional or just me, but I very rarely use the word lamp. To me, lamps are movable rather than fixed, and light is a general term that would include lamps, but also non-movable fixtures.


I agree with you - I would not use lamp to describe the main fixed light fittings in a room, I would only use it for moveable devices. Since the hints give 'light' as a translation for φωτιστικό, I don't see why light is sometimes accepted and sometimes not.


'light' is still not accepted even though the hints give 'light' as a correct translation


You're right, I believe. In English, the light on the ceiling is not a lamp.


Έτσι φωτιστικό και λάμπα είναι το ίδιο;

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Φωτιστικό is the english "lamp". Λάμπα is the "lamp bulb".


light bulb. Φωτιστικό is actually broader in definition than the English word, "lamp."


Yes, I had the same thought, but as a native Greek speaking, I think it is a convenient and not bad way to express the meaning of the sentence. Φωτιστικό in a living room or generally in a room can be many things. From a simple lamp=λαμπα to the most luxurious and complicated devices that can be used. It is a correct sentence. But in a simple room one can use just an electric valve, a lamp=λάμπα.


"Light" was not accepted?


First time that I have come across ' φωτιστικο ' spelt it with ' φουτιστικο ' got it wrong, how come sometimes you can spell things wrong but get the answer right, but are told to watch the spelling and others it's just wrong . Even though you've tried to spell the word as you have heard it . It does not seem consistent . And I don't spell words out while talking to someone, dialects and accents change, a little leeway would help .


This was translated too literally, and the English is incorrect. In English, you must say "There is a lamp in the living room." You cannot say that a room has something.


I put... Το καθιστικό έχει μια λάμπα... It was marked wrong. Could it be right?

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