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"Ο άντρας τρώει ένα πορτοκάλι."

Translation:The man eats an orange.

October 2, 2016



Why can't it be the man eats a banana? (I mean grammatically speaking, not just because we're practicing orange)


Banana is feminine in gender, so it can't go with the neuter article ένα


But we haven't learnt banana yet so how would we be expected to know that its feminine? Not fair, just causes frustration.

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I assume you are referring to "orange" You have been asked to please tell us what kind of exercise it was...just describe it. For example translate the sentence from...Eng to Gr, or choose the right word, or make the sentence by choosing the write words or whatever it was.

That will help Duolingo pinpoint the problem.


It would be μία instead of ένα


You just made my day


Portokali -> Portugal? What?


Yes. "Πορτοκάλι" comes from the italian "portogallo". Portugal was the main source of imports for oranges in the 10th century (after the fruit arrived in Europe from China or India), so the fruit was named after it. :D


So what means 'Portugal' in Greek?


Portugal (the country) = Πορτογαλία

Orange (the fruit) = Πορτοκάλι :)


Thank you so much! Ευχαριστώ! :)


You're welcome! ^.^


Also, in Turkish the word 'portakal' means 'orange'.


The Arabic word for orange is also برتقال (burtuqaal), although in some dialects the final l becomes n. [Source: Arabic vs Arabic: A Dialect Sampler, 10.] Thank you, Dimitra956826, for providing the historical reasoning.


How come the sentence is given away, instead of word for word and sentence grammar?


Why is 'ο άνδρας τρώει ένα πορτοκάλι' not allowed?

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It is most definitely allowed. I'm assuming you are referring to the alternative spelling of "άνδρας" which we always include.

So, if your sentence was not accepted there might have been an error. We moderators cannot see your sentence therefore before you posted your comment here you should have made a REPORT.

Here's how to report.

Go to the bottom of the exercise page where you'll see REPORT Click on that:

Then choose what you want to REPORT: (You'll see these to choose from.)

-The audio does not sound correct.

-The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing.

-The Greek sentence is unnatural or has an error.

-The "Correct solution" is unnatural or has an error.

-My answer should be accepted. This is the

one you should click on if your translation was not accepted. After choosing the REPORT you want to make you should post on the comment page.


Ι didn't want to report it as should be accepted if, in fact, there were a legitimate reason why it shouldn't be accepted. If it happens again, I will report it. Thank you.

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Oh, I see. Yes, as I said it is accepted and it's good that you ask anything you are in doubt about.

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