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"Sự phân tích của thuyết này sai."

Translation:The analysis of this theory is wrong.

October 2, 2016



Does this mean that the theory analyzes something? Or that a person analyzes the theory? From all the previous uses of 'của' I've seen that would suggest the first (the analysis belongs to the theory). But that doesn't make sense as a theory can't do analysis, only a person can - which would suggest the second meaning. But that would be the first time I've seen 'của' used in this way.


I thought of it as "critique" instead of "analysis".


Why not "This theory's analysis is wrong"


Dude you gotta start adding pronunciations.

This character mostly means ‘say, speak’, but it can also mean ‘theory, explanation’.

  • Mandarin: shuō
  • Cantonese: syut
  • Literary Hokkien: soat
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