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"Székesfehérvár sem egy nagyon nagy város."

Translation:Székesfehérvár is not a very big city either.

October 2, 2016



Székesfehérvár is sometimes still translated as "Stuhlweißburg" on German maps. I kind of really want to translate it as "Chairwhite Castle" here. It has a nice ring to it. :D


I think.of it more as "Royal Whitecastle" as the chair refers to the coronation throne and "var" is just like "burg" - a walled city with (often) a castle left standing!


Ooh, that makes more sense. Thank you. :)


I am hoping that "Székesfehérvár is not a very large city either." will be accepted as a "correct English translation" too. I know there are certain cases when big and large do not make good English if they are used interchangeably (like, "clothing size" and formal documents), but those instances don't seem to apply here.

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