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  5. "Ένα αγόρι έχει ένα βιβλίο."

"Ένα αγόρι έχει ένα βιβλίο."

Translation:A boy has a book.

October 2, 2016



Little Jaaqen is that you?

November 7, 2016


I am Spanish native speaker and the sounds of these new letters in Greek sound quite similar to the sounds of my language. I think the confusion is mostly because of what kind of sounds are we use to hear in our everyday life

January 22, 2019


Why does "ρ" in "αγορι" make a "d" sound here?

October 2, 2016


    It does not, it's a rolled r as it should be. I'm checking the sound using good headphones for clearer sound as different audio devices provide varying degrees of sound quality. You can also use forvo.com to check word pronunciation from native speakers.

    October 2, 2016


    If you listen to the whole sentence, it is "r", but if you listen to the single word, it is "d".

    June 10, 2018


    Obviously r in English is not the same in sound with ρ. According wikipedia: it is a trilled or tapped r. Many variations that in polytonic writing existed in Ancient Greek are not taking in mind in Modern Greek. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rho

    October 2, 2016


    Is there an easy way of hearing the difference between ι and η?

    March 28, 2017


    There's no difference!!

    June 9, 2018


    Sounds the same

    June 9, 2018


    In a comment on another thread it was stated that έχει = he is, but here the drop down box says έχει = he has. Does έχει mean either "he is" or "he has" depending on context?

    September 29, 2019


    No, it's only he/she/it has. It was probably a bad typo or a mistake.

    September 30, 2019
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