October 2, 2016

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It would help the learning if you included the pronunciation at least in the check stage. You have pronunciations with most excercizes and they really help. This word "Συγγώνμυ is very hard to try to sound out on my own at this early stage.


I agree with you, a pronunciation function would be good for reviewing in the check stage


Συγνώμη, but I've only ever heard "Συγνώμη" said in this situation. By Greeks, like. Is this not right?


You know what, you're right! In this situation, a graecophone would always say "Συγγνώμη" (which is the correct spelling, or, sometimes, as jaye16 notes, just "sorry"!) He would say "Λυπάμαι" in a situation where an anglophone would say "I'm sorry". I know that "I am sorry" means "Λυπάμαι", but I think "Sorry", on its own, can also mean "I apologise", isn't that right?


The presence of the "!" here makes me think they're talking about a situation where someone steps on your foot at the Πανηγύρι and who then says "Sorry!" casually. And that's why I think "Συγνώμη" is more your man here.


Συγνώμη, means "I apologize" but is also use similar to "sorry". Λυπάμαι means "sorry" "I take pity" " I regret". Around Greece, you will very often hear "sorry". :-)


I got the right answer by choosing the only one that had a capitalized first letter.


This must be on the Android. Yes, I noticed that you can find the first word of the sentence that way...but shhh I won't tell if you don't. :))) The power of observation is another aspect of learning.


I deliberately didn't choose that one and it still said my answer was correct, which is why i joined this conversation!


What's the difference between συγγνώμη and λυπάμαι? I've never λυπάμαι tbh xD


"συγγνώμη" means "excuse me or forgive me" You can use it for example if you interrupt someone etc. or get someone's attention. But also if you have done something and want to be forgiven or excused. "λυπάμαι" literally means 'I'm sorry' e.g. I feel bad (sorry) for a problem, a worry etc you have.


I do not know if this is the proper place to ask this question, but better now than to forget it: I am using ' thefreedictionary ' website in order to check with the correct pronounciation, does anyone know if this website is reliable? Thanks and sorry to disturb.


I just checked it out and it seems fine concerning the pronounciation. :)


OK, What suddenly happened to λυπάμα being "Sorry"?


That would be "Λυπάμαι" which is also correct. Only you have a spelling error.


Why isn't Λυπάμαι listed for "sorry" since that's what we just learned?

I didn't see any of these three choices taught as "sorry" previously.


Now I realize what happened. So sorry. We will edit the incubator so that doesn't happen again.


Isn't is "sorry" παρακαλώ? I might don't know because i am new to greece learning


No, "παρακαλώ" means "please" or "you're welcome'.


What is a difference between Συγγνωμη και λυπαμε


Comment prononcer Συγγνώμη? Ce n'est pas un mot facile, on a besoin d'un propre example.


Which is the correct spelling, with "γ" or "γγ"? Google translator gives me the word just with one γ ...


O tick correct answer but it is showing wrong


incorrect spelling with two γγ which also contradicts the spelling in the tips section!

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