"I move over into that room."

Translation:Átköltözöm abba a szobába.

October 2, 2016

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Wouldn't "odaköltözöm" also work here?


If you say "átköltözöm" is like when you are in the same flat/house but you just want to sleep in another room of it or you don't really like the one you got now and want to change it so you move into another one. If you said "odaköltözöm", we would understand you because it makes sense(wether the context would stay the same) but it's more likely to be something which is not here but "far" away.

Odaköltözöm.. It would be... If you and your friends just arrived at the Hotel and checked the room and (and it has more) you say "Óóó, én odaköltözöm abba a szobába!"


The word "over" makes it feel more like "át" to me. "Át" means from one place to another, similar, place. Just like norbix9 says, for example, from one room into another, in the same building.
With "oda", we don't know where you are coming from. We only know the target. "To there, to that specific place". And I say it adds a sense of purpose, a certain determination. I move there, into that room, because I want that particular room. Or maybe I do not want that room, but I was given that room and I am just explaining it to someone, with emphasis, that "yes, that is the room I am moving into".
So, I am not sure the above sentence covers that. What do you think?


Would "áthaladok" be accaptable?


Or "odahaladok" also. Either seems more sensible to me on the scale of rooms than "költözöm".


The correct term would be "megyek" as in "átmegyek".

"haladok" has a different meaning. It kind of means advancing, like in either movement or studies.


Why does költözik not make sense with rooms? You take all your stuff and put it in a different room, if for instance the smaller room is going to be taken up by your new sibling.
Halad .. translating that with "move" is not ideal. It has a sense of progression, continuation, to move on. More like what cars do on a motorway. Or speakers do as they continue their presentation.


Hover hint: "költöznek". Correct word: "Átköltözöm". Frustration level: +100%

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