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Bugs in "Report a Problem" on Android

I've been seeing several issues with the report a problem dialog on the Android app.

First, when you are in the middle of typing, the cursor suddenly jumps to a different spot in the text and sometimes your typing no longer shows up on the screen. You have to re-click the text box in order to begin typing again. This happens repeatedly and is very frustrating.

Second, the part of the text box that you are typing in and the submit buttons get covered up by the keyboard, so you have to exit the keyboard and then re-click the box in order to see what you are typing or to see the buttons.

Third, when you exit the report a problem dialog box, the little banner with the correct/incorrect solution and message becomes a tiny little line - something has gone wrong in the scaling of the banner.

I'm now on a Galaxy Note 3 running Android version 4.3, but I also had the same problem on my Razr Maxx.

February 12, 2014



Thanks for these details. Going to take a closer look into this for you and get back shortly. Hang tight!


Thanks for the quick response!


We have fixes for these that will be out in the next version!

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