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  5. "Pomógłbym mu."

"Pomógłbym mu."

Translation:I would help him.

October 2, 2016



How would you say "I would have helped him?"


You can use the same sentence. Polish uses one conditional so it could happen at any time.


I don't know what language she is speaking, but it sure dos not sound like Polish, Some words make so sense at all because of the pronunciation. I currently have gardens to till,and a site online named QUORA , WHICH I FIELD QUESTIONS ON FROM ANY CONCIVABLE SUBJECT THEY THROW AT ME, WITH A GOOD FOLLOWING. Between the two, I have litte time for lessons, I do the best I can under the circumstances. At 86, I tend to run out of steam at time. I'm shooting for a year straght. Bola, mnie rece I plecy,Carpal tunnel.


Would "Ja bym mu pomógł" also be correct? Thanks.


Yes, it's accepted. The pronoun is emphasised, so I would interpret this as 'If I were you...'

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