"Azok az almák a tálban nagyon furcsák."

Translation:Those apples in the bowl are very strange.

October 3, 2016

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Why not "weird" instead of "odd"?


Weird should be accepted as well.


I think "tál" should be also translated like "plate", so this answer must be accepted.


I am not sure about that. Hungarian "tál" is usually something that is put in the middle of the table, and food is served from it. What people actually eat from is "tányér".
In English, bowl can be both a serving dish and something people eat out of. For example, soup is eaten from a bowl. Hungarian makes a different distinction:

"mélytányér" - "deep plate" - for soup, or other less solid food (főzelék!)
"lapostányér" - "flat plate" - for solid food.

If you liked the soup and want more, you get some more from the "levesestál" (soup bowl) into your "mélytányér".

In restaurants, you can also receive your soup in a "csésze", which is like an oversized coffee (espresso) cup.


I think "platter" should also be accepted for "tál".


You are probably right as always but in restaurants there are many tál on the menu and they are always served on a large flat plate


Yes, you are right, a "tál" can also be a large flat plate. The point is, it is usually something that is placed in the middle of a table, and people get their food from it onto their plates. So it is usually used for serving up food, not for directly eating out of.
And yes, many dishes in restaurants are also called some kind of "tál". They can be a larger dish, a selection, or something for more than one person, like a two-person shared dish, frequently containing a variety of food items. A meat sampler, for example, or a cheese platter, etc. Maybe a "platter" is a good word for it.
Btw, to serve up food is "tálalni".

You may also see the word "egytálétel" in menus. It means a one-bowl-dish. Something that is made in a single pan or oven bowl or pot or whatever. So, not a steak with potatoes and steamed broccoli but something that is one dish in itself.


I out strange which is the suggested word that duolingo put there as a suggestion and i get it marked wrong! Really, so damn frustrating this app is driving me crazy

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