"The color of the book is yellow."

Translation:Το χρώμα του βιβλίου είναι κίτρινο.

October 3, 2016

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does κίτρινο here inflect according to the noun it describes (το χρώμα)? Is κίτρινο here a noun or a adjective?


No; for example, if you had a sentence like "Τα χρώματα του βιβλίου είναι κίτρινο, κόκκινο και πράσινο" (The colours of the book are yellow, red and green), you can see that the colours are invariable, because it's just the names of the colours that you write and they're not used as adjectives.

However, if you said "Τα βιβλία είναι κίτρινα" (The books are yellows), the colour does change according to the noun because it describes it and it doesn't just state what type of colour it is.


Correction: I should've said "The books are yellow", not "yellows"...


You can edit your comment. ;)


It must be the colour is yellow. Of the books would be much too devious for modern Greek. (I hope!)

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