"A "Modern Óvónő" egy helyi újság."

Translation:The "Modern Kindergarten Teacher" is a local newspaper.

October 3, 2016

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Discussing flight patterns, observation tips, and how to get them out of your refrigerator.


English would not say "the" here, unless it is part of the title of the newspaper, which the quotation marks indicate it is not. I'll report in the corrections.


I am choosing the right order but my answer isn't accented


I am choosing the right order but my.answer is not accepted unable to move on?


Please read the other comments here.


"Poverty of content" is the technical term.


No. I can't. Cause i do it through the mobile phone app. is no such option. The task is next: it is needed to finish the sentences by adding the blocks with the words.

The first part of sentences which is given already by system has no quoatation marks. So i don't know what to do.

I hope you understand me. English is not my native language


I understand you. That might be a bit problematic there.
I suggest you do this section in the web version of Duolingo instead, go to duolingo.com in your web browser and do the lesson in there instead. That might help.


I think a titel of newspaper is not usual to translate


I feel that translating "Modern Óvónő" should be optional here (it's the name of the newspaper) it's the same as being forced to translate János' to 'John' or am I wrong?


I was just about to argue that it could be an international newspaper whose title is being translated for each country's edition, but then I looked at the sentence. So yes, keeping the title as it is would be very valid.


The correct answer is not accepted. What should i do now? How is it possible to come through this one?


Did you add the quotation marks?


Ok! I will try. Thank you very much!


Cannot get past a q uestion. I put in the right answer, but it tells me it is wrong. I cannot finish the kesson and cannot move on. Very frustrsting. I was enjoying learning until i encountered this probkem. Now im at a standstill. The error needs to be corrected!


So judging by the responses. You are telling us "Its too bad, just use the web version." Lol. Fix this problem!


If I would, I could. But I cannot. You'll have to contact someone of the moderating team to take on this issue, but I'm not sure how to do this.


this is the most creative sentence ever

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