"Ez a postás a ti utcátokban dolgozik?"

Translation:Does this postal worker work on your street?

October 3, 2016

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I found the "pottàs" also very interesting in this audio. They should correct it...


Three years on, and it still says "pottás".


14-Dec-2020, Still "pot ás".


I don't think it's that likely that the audio is going to change. The audio for this course was recorded by an actual human, so we're lucky - we don't have to listen to computerized renderings of the text. Just one of the perks of studying a language that doesn't have a lot of text-to-audio software available. What the Duo team discovered when they looked into it was that all the programs were pretty bad. Live recordings are much more expensive, but I for one really appreciate having it! In spite of a few errors here and there, I think her diction overall is pretty good.


Is it just me or does postás sound like postás on this audio?


You mean "pottás"? Yes, sounds like an audio glitch.


Köszönöm a valászt. I know "podtás" does not exist, but that´s what I hear.


Maybe she's Cuban. :)

(Cubans and other Caribbean Spanish speakers often drop their 's'. Example: "Como estas" sounds like "Como eh-tah".)

The thing that confused me for a while is that the "dol" part of "dolgozik" sounds to me like two syllables (like "do-al"), and I kept trying to figure out what that other word would be.


With all of the Spanish I have learned over the years, I couldn't do that!


Három év nagy idő. Lehetne kicsit jobban csinálni ?/.

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