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  5. "Wyt ti wedi yfed gormod?"

"Wyt ti wedi yfed gormod?"

Translation:Have you drunk too much?

October 3, 2016



How is this different from 'did you drink too much'? thanks


The difference in English between 'I have drunk too much' and 'I drank too much' is maintained in Welsh:

  • Dw i wedi yfed gormod - I have...' (the perfect tense)
  • Yfais i ormod - 'I drank...' (the simple past tense)

The latter one of those two can also be translated as 'I did drink...'

Another common way of forming an equivalent of the simple past tense in Welsh is to use the past tense of gwneud plus the verb-noun, as explained in one of the course sections:

  • Gwnes i yfed gormod - I drank..., I did drink...

This is also heard as Mi/Fe wnes i... and just as Wnes i... There are also various dialect variations which we do not cover.


Late on Friday night, if you see me picking fights outside the pub, you would ask “Have you drunk too much?” On the following Saturday afternoon, when you see me nursing a hangover, you would ask “Did you drink too much?”.


what would "Have you had too much to drink?" which was my answer.


More exactly that might be rendered as Wyt wedi cael gormod i yfed?.

The problem is that there are many ways of constructing sentences with very similar meanings in both languages, so we tend to go with the patterns that work reasonably well in both languages and which match up more or less neatly.


Just a side note, in the US we would rarely say Have you drunk too much. I think because the word 'drunk' can be used as an adjective for someone who's had too much to drink.

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