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  5. "Dw i'n siŵr bod hi'n iawn."

"Dw i'n siŵr bod hi'n iawn."

Translation:I am sure that she is right.

October 3, 2016



Wouldn't "i'm sure that it's fine" be an acceptable translation too - particularly if this was referring to weather?


'Fine' or 'iawn' isn't an adjective that would be used that often for describing the weather in Welsh, more likely to be 'clir' or 'braf' for 'clear' and 'nice'. But for your question, it's difficult to say. 'Hi' is most certainly feminine, and the weather is a feminine word. But without context, especially in welsh, the emphasis usually falls on the masculine for unknown objects. So in this example, if it was 'it' without any context we would make it masculine; 'Dwi'n siwr bod o'n iawn'. Also 'it' without context, or 'it' as a sisutaion would be seen as 'mae' rather than 'bod', because 'bod' implies that the object is alive. So for your sentence it would be; 'Dwi'n siwr mae'n iawn'.


Why does this mean "...she is right" rather than "...she is ok"?


"She is right" means "she is correct". I thought that "hi'n iawn" meant "she is well / OK / alright". Could you add any clarification here please? Thank you.

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