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"A gyerekek lesétálnak a szőnyegről és a szőnyeg mellett játszanak."

Translation:The children walk off the carpet and play beside the carpet.

October 3, 2016


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Now that is one short "séta"!


The children walk from the carpet wasn't accepted but maybe it should have been. The rest of my answer was identical.


Can someone tell me how "szönyegről" is plural here? Or is this just a mistake in the English?


If I am not mistaken,it is not plural. If it were plural it would be "szönyegekről" the second part of the sentence uses the word carpet without the suffiix meaning off from, and adds the adverb mellett for beside for modifying játszanak.

My problem with this sentence is that when I see sétal I think of actual walking, like taking a walk, or walking from one place to the other. A better word here would be that the children step.= lép etc. Do you agree?


It's a mistake. It should be singular "carpet" both places.

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