"A fiúk nem kilépnek az ajtón, hanem kimásznak az ablakon."

Translation:The boys are not stepping out through the door but are climbing out through the window.

October 3, 2016

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Why does it have to be "through" - why not climb "out of" a window


i have no idea. i speak fluent hungarian i just wanted to play around with this and I know that my answer should definitely be accepted.


Both should be marked correct, I think.


Why is "ki" not put behind the verb? The grammer notes say that it comes after negations and questions.


Something to do with 'hanem'. A fiúk nem lépnek ki az ajtón, hanem kimásznak az ablakon would still be correct but saying hanem másznak ki az ablakon sounds very weird! :)


Thanks. I was wondering about this as well.


This whole sentences just seems wonky in English: we don't really use step to signify travel, but rather just a single step. To step out the door would be literally to take one step and stop on the other side. The Hungarian sentence seems to mean more that they aren't walking out the door or leaving through the door (since it is unlikely that had they been going out the door, they would have just stopped right outside). Does Hungarian often use step where the verb walk or run would work just as well?

[deactivated user]

    I looked up kilép in the dictionary and decided on hurrying out. I was marked wrong. Could it have been accepted?


    Husband come home too early?


    I've reported this one now because the computer insists on the use of "through" for both the door and the window whereas it doesn't for other questions which are much the same. I used "out through" for the door and "out of" for the window but it wouldn't have it.


    Sneaky, sneaky boys


    Aren't they just!


    I write "step out through the door" and it was rejected. Step out of the door seems very weird to me as if they were inbuilt...

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