"Du isst am Tisch."

February 7, 2013


You eat on the table' isn't correct? -I don't speak english as native.

February 7, 2013

No it is not. "Am Tisch" means "An dem Tisch" means "At the table". Can't mean anything else. "On the table" would be "AUF dem Tisch".

July 2, 2013

The differences between English "at" and "on" can be very confusing if you are not a native English speaker. The phrases "eat on the table" and "eat at the table" imply something slightly different in English. If you eat on the table it suggests that you climbed up and sat on the table and then ate. Which people sometimes do at parks at picnic tables, but the more common thing is to sit on a chair or bench while the food is on the table. At that point you are eating at the table.

August 18, 2013

Am = on the and um den = at the, right?

February 19, 2013

would "Ihr essen am Tisch" be an alternative answer? or does that make it plural?

March 3, 2013

Ihr esst am Tisch would also be correct.

March 3, 2013

How do you say "You are eating at a table" (rather than "the table")?

March 12, 2013

I believe it is "einen Tisch"

March 13, 2013

no that should be an einem Tisch. An is followed by a dative if it is a preposition of location

July 2, 2013
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