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Adding Esperanto

Since the grammar in Esperanto is really easy - look into the two links attached below - the effort of adding it as a language to learn would not be too big. Please consider it.

Sincerely, Ulritsch

http://esperanto.50webs.com/index.html http://donh.best.vwh.net/Esperanto/rules.html


Hello all (posted this as a comment but thought I'd add it up here so all see it immediately)

thanks for all the comments. I was very nice to receive an email almost every week, telling me somebody else commented on this discussion. I seriously thought it would not get any attention at all.

Last week I sent out an Email to Duolingo's support team with the link to this discussion, asking what they think about adding Esperanto. Myra responded a few days later, telling me that there was something called incubator (http://incubator.duolingo.com/), where people can suggest languages and help building a course for it. Sadly, I don't know any Esperanto (so far!) but maybe there is somebody more experienced here who has the time and the will to help do this? I think I speak for all by saying that it would be greatly appreciated.

Please pass on this info to any Esperanto (or Interlingua) speakers you know. Together we can make the easiest languages learn-able for everyone and maybe one day have a world language!

Many thanks,




Thanks to the Incubator on Duolingo, it is now possible to create a course for a new language, so we will hopefully see Esperanto on here soon! To coordinate the efforts in creating this course, I set up a facebook page. Please join the group if you want to help and tell any of your friends who might be able to help.

Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/807335639292845



June 16, 2012



I really want this to be a reality.

It would help promote the language, and it would create more Esperanto reading material (because we're translating documents, right?)


I really hope they address this at some point. I really want them to add this language. Many people I know would probably learn Esperanto if it were on here but since all other sources kinda suck, they are put off from learning it. It would also help people (if they took it as their first Duolingo language) with learning other languages, due to its similarities to other European languages.


Esperanto is so easy to learn. What does it say on wikipedia? That you can learn it in 150 hours compared to 2000 hours for german or 1000 hours for a romance language.

I like it because it obeys all its own rules and has very straightforward wording. All nouns end in O, all adjectives end in a, infinitives i. Sometimes it doesn't flow properly when you have odd sentences.

But esperanto is a great easy to learn language and they say your first foreign language is always the hardest one to learn so it may as well be a really easy one.


That's 7.5% as long as it takes to learn German. GERMAN. From English. A Germanic language.

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