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  5. "Ваша маршрутка на зупинці."

"Ваша маршрутка на зупинці."

Translation:Your share taxi is at the stop.

October 3, 2016



There's no such thing as a "route taxi" or a "share taxi" in English! A маршрутка is a minibus that functions as public transport. In English, it would simply be called a bus, regardless of its size. It's NOT a taxi at all, because you can't ask it to go to where you want it to go. You have to take the bus that goes your way and pay the same fee as all other passengers.


I would call it a shuttle.


What about: "Your city bus is at the stop."?


Як щодо "city shuttle", або "maxi-taxi", або "mini-bus"?


Дуже дякую :)


Нема за що :)


Super confused about маршрутка, the team might want to have one consistent translation for it. It's hard to imagine a shared taxi (I think of Uber Pool here) that's a city bus at the same time...

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Actually "маршрутка" is a small city bus. It has its particular route and stops. Despite of the name, it's not a taxi for sure.


Marshrutka is Marshrutka. Just use the transliteration and stop trying to make is sound fancier than it actually is...


My question relates more specifically to "на" or "у/в". I'm already some ways into this course, but one of the things that still confounds me at this point is when to use "на" an when to use "у/в".

It seems that на is used for things that are generally referred to as "the..." like "the station", in this case "the stop", or things that you don't usually need to specify anything in particular (like the police station or the stadium for example). But when you are at or go to "the school", в/у are used. So to me at least, it's not clear at all when it is necessary to use "на", and i've just been memorizing up to this point which places need this word.

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I believe the similar issue with prepositions we have in almost every language (and English is a good example). I mean, you never know what the preposition should be. There are no rules, you have to memorize all the cases. The things you mentioned are: на зупинці, у поліцейському відділі, на стадіоні. People in Ukraine buy food "у магазині і на базарі". There is no any logic, bear with it.


На is usually an open space like farmers market, stadium, bus stop, whereas у is inside of something like a building, such as school, police station, grocery/department store. Some words accept both, like kitchen

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