"A sütit nem eszik meg a gyerekek."

Translation:The children do not eat up the cake.

October 3, 2016

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Does the "meg" suggest that they started eating it, but didn't finish?


Yes, exactly. :)
Megeszik - to finish eating, to eat it all.


How many names for a cake is there in Hungarian?


Well... sütemény has a wider meaning than just "cake". Basically, almost any baked good can be called sütemény - cakes, bars, cookies, pastries (such as the delightfully named apácafing), even some salty or savory things like pretzels or pogácsa. And of course süti is just a cute diminutive version of sütemény.

But torta is much more specifically a cake (usually a multi-layered one).


I once saw "süti" referring to Internet cookie files, is this a common usage?


so it is more like sweets?


It's more like "cakes and pastries".


I still don't get how and when to use this meg affix.. could someone give an explanation?


Meg is a verbal prefix that doesn't have a very clear meaning, but mostly means that something is done to its completion:

  • ért - to understand; megért - to comprehend, fully grasp
  • mos - to wash; megmos - to cleanse (by washing)
  • eszik - to eat; megeszik - to finish eating something, to eat it all

Meg is also used to give the action a perfective meaning, like with all other verbal prefixes.


The children do not eat the cake. but the verb is in singular.... why? i don't understand


The verb is 3rd person plural, definite form. The singular form would be nem eszi meg.


What is the difference between sütit/sütemenyt * I understand the first one is 'nicer") and "tortát? I was marked wrong in a previous sentence for writing "sütemenyt" instead of "tortát".


Sütemény (don't forget the long 'é') is, well, baked goods in general, but more commonly used to refer to a cake. Specifically the type of cake that you first fully assemble and then put in the oven. Like a marble cake, or a fruit cake.

A torta is the type of cake where you just bake the sponge, and then assemble it and usually decorate it. Think of wedding cakes.


süti is only the short form from sütemeny. i think they should accept it. see the answer from jsiehler in the uper part of the discussion

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