"He likes the green hat more."

Translation:Του αρέσει το πράσινο καπέλο περισσότερο.

October 4, 2016

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«Περισσότερο» is an adjective, and "more" here is an adverb describing "likes." It would seem to me a proper translation would be:

«Του αρέσει πιο το πράσινο καπέλο.»


Πολύ is the neuter form of the adjective πολύς as well as an adverb meaning of "a lot". I love you a lot=Σε αγαπώ πολύ. Περισσότερο is the comparative for both Πολύ the adjective and Πολύ the adverb. Πιο is not used on its own. It is used with an adjective or adverb to form comparative. So, του αρέσει πιο πολύ το πράσινο καπέλο is right but του αρέσει πιο το πράσινο καπέλο is not.


Το πράσινο καπέλο του αρέσει περισσότερο should be accepted


Well done and thank you. It has been added.


αυτος αρεσει το πρασινο καπελο πιο πολυ .............should also work, no???


Silly question but why is it του αρεσει, but not αυτος αρεσει


The verb αρέσω actually means "I am liked". If I say αρέσω στις γυναίκες that would mean "Women like me (I am liked by women)". So Μου αρέσει can also be written as αρέσει σε εμένα (which is the more analytic form) and is literally translated as "It is liked by me" (without sounding akward as in English).


Yes, we could certainly use the personal pronoun but, in this case, it is that special use of "αρέσει". Αυτού του αρέσει το πράσινο καπέλλο το περισσότερο. (To him is liked the green hat more. ;-)

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