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Duolingo certificate

Dear Duolingo staff,

Would it be an atrocious request, to have Duolingo provide a certificate in pdf form, preferably full of happy owls having a party in bahamas or something, when a learner has mastered all subjects for a language?

I am vain and I heart certificates. Please, pretty please, add this feature so I can have the certificate printed out on a t-shirt to wear for casual fridays.

Merci, ~Amulya

February 7, 2013



We may do this soon :)


PLEASE Luis! If your language programs have proven anything, it´s that people like the immediate personal reward system of coins for their language efforts, rather than the grammar book process: no instant feedback or rewards, and waiting a year to be able to read a book or get in a real-life conversation. The same way, be it that the paper means nothing, I think people would be even more motivated to complete their tree knowing that there was a personal achievement certificate waiting for them on the other side. Don´t get me wrong, I LOVE t-shirts and the e-mails are so sweet and the Duo staff is AMAZING for responding to everything super fast and etc... Just a thought. I´m a language teacher and now that my students are on Duolingo I think it would be a cool thing for them to have 0:)


Thanks Luis, I hope this will be launched the sooooooner... Please do it!


well... ive been wondering about that too!!! that would be such a great idea, mainly if it is a serious certificate, one that you can show in a job to tell them you have knowledge in another language!! you may include the points (coins) and level you reached, quantity of documents you helped to translate, your full name, and the option to ask for the certificate. for example, you may have finished your tree, but u want to continue learning, translating, practicing weakest words.. and so on. then you just click on "ceetificate" when you think you need it!!. better than that, i think this certificate will make lazy ppl study harder and more frequently to reach this goal, once it'll be very useful later in life!!!


Oh yeah! How about Duolingo t-shirts which you can only order when you complete a language!


Certificates are cute, and I think it's nice to have a material reflection of my language success -- especially when owls are dancing in the bahamas. Maybe there can be a voice bubble coming from an owl in the language you mastered saying "Congratulations!" or the like.


Speaking of T-shirts. An 'owl shop' would be cool. There could be some inexpensive owl merchandise (like a T-shirt) either virtual or real (e-reader?). Also, there could be recommended resources/books linked there with official or premium reviews. You could use skill points to purchase materials for a virtual character you nurture through language learning. i.e. You start with an egg (pick a color), and as you progress in language learning, you can use skill points to grow your egg and owl and 'buy' him new landscapes. Or you can use the points to access more resources.


¡Ay, qué bárbaro!


oh sounds good :)


Yes it would be nice. But the request of (pdf) not such a good idea, I"m on google tv and we do not have a pdf reader, there is a way to view pdf files by installing an app I think.


Chevere, Excellent idea!


I would absolutely love this! Please make one for us Duolingo!!!


yes would be cool

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