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  5. "Nézlek a képen."

"Nézlek a képen."

Translation:I am looking at you in the photo.

October 4, 2016



You cannot "watch" someone in a photo in English!


That is truly a clumsy translation. Let's "Report" it as being "inaccurate".


What does this sentence mean? Is "I am looking at a photo of you." a more correct translation.


I am looking at you in the photo. Looking, for a longer time.


OK, I get it, what you write is the literal translation of the hungarian sentence. Problem is, I have never heard anyone say that , neither can I imagine a situation where anyone would use that phrase?

Doesn't the hungarian sentence make sense either? Or is it used in the same context as the phrase in the question above?


I'm pretty sure I have heard the phrase "I am looking at you in the photo" - or at least it doesn't sound odd - but I'd imagine another clause would follow normally "I am looking at you in the photo but I don't see that hat".


Should "I see you in the picture" be an accepted translation?


No. Both English and Hungarian (unlike for example Japanese) distinguish looking and seeing. "I see" is "Látok".

EDIT: and "I see you" is "Látlak".


"on the picture" should be accepted. like if someone is literally standing on this picture


Except that isn't what it means in Hungarian. Part of the exercise is to help you choose the right Hungarian suffix when describing what you see in a photo.


Why can " I look at you in the picture…." not be accepted, instead of "I am looking...."


Next time report it.


I watch you on the picture. Is it incorrect?


Yes, this is incorrect. English does not use "watch" in this situation nor on a picture but rather in.


Of course I believe you as I want to remember that English is your native language but to me it sounds weird to say "in the photo" and not "on the photo" For example, I would say if I look at a picture and see someone "ON" the photo that I recognize. And I would say that I look att someone "IN" the camera if I am taking photos. But OK I have to buy it!


Yes - I'm afraid that is how English is. (The only time a person is on a photo would be if it is on the ground and the person is standing on it.)


I see. Well in that case it would sound very weird. Thank you for your answer. ;)

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