"He brings the juice."

Translation:Αυτός φέρνει τον χυμό.

October 4, 2016

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why is το χυμό also correct? Isn't it supposed to be accusative τον;


Χυμός is masculine, ο χυμός. I think you are correct that it should only be τον. In the old grammars you elided the ν in τον if the following word began with κ, π, τ, ψ, ξ, χ and double syllables. But the newer grammars state you don't because it creates confusion with the neuter το. See on- line Η γραμματική Νέας Ελληνκής Γλώσσας (2008). others have been helpful in explaining this to me.


you're correct. Sorry.


Its nothing. Mistakes are bound to arise when we are helping one another :-)


neuter nouns are the same in nominative and accusative cases, singular and plural


It is not neutral here, it is masculine, sing. ο χυμός, του χυμού, το(ν) χυμό, χυμέ, plur. οι χυμοί, των χυμών, τους χυμούς, χυμοί.


Can I switch the word order to Αυτός τον χυμό φέρνει?

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