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  5. "Mi megy belém?"

"Mi megy belém?"

Translation:What is going into me?

October 4, 2016



Well! That's a bit filthy for duolingo.


I don't know what is filthy about lying in a hospital bed and wondering what that green liquid is in the IV bag attached to your arm. It is a perfectly justified question.


That is an awkward, albeit grammatically correct way of phrasing it. In the scenario you provide the idiomatic phrasing would rather be "What are they giving/putting in me?" or "What are they doing to me?". It is when you use "going" that the meaning becomes a little more dirty!


It is huge! omg

Or a needle, or implants. Any form of bodymodifications, fake boobs, bigger rounder ass, a new hip or knee for (usually) old people.

And this seems to be a valid question before the operation?


Yes, it is. I suppose they should have used nekem jön instead of belém jön.


Sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic kindergarten teacher ;)


My cousin in Bp offered this when I asked about this sentence = 'ha étel, az jó. Ha élősködő az rossz.'


...and if a truck goes into you on the pedestrian crossing, then it is probably the worst.


True, but that would be "belém jön". Comes, not goes.


I wrote 'no idea' and this was not correct. I thought that my answer corresponded well to this translation : )


I got the translation right, and my instant interpretation was something along "what has gotten into me?" mentally, like, what weird entity / "devil" causes me to behave irrationally etc. If there are any native speakers here, please share if this makes any sense.


In English we do sometimes say something "I don't know what has gotten into me lately" if we feel our behavior is a little atypical or unusual. Or we might say it like you did "What has gotten into me?" I hadn't thought of that interpretation of the sentence since it seemed more literal to me. I would also love to hear from a native speaker if that sentence could be used this way. Good thoughts.


That would actually be "Mi ütött belém?", something like "What has struck (into) me?" :)


It means, that after 7 months we are still guessing the meaning and use of the hungarian sentence!


I can only think of asking a doctor about an infusion.


I'm learning Hungarian whole my life and still I'm guessing the meaning and the use of the Hungarian sentence. Simply. Hungarian isn't the language from another planet but from another Galaxy


That's an interesting thought. We have this saying as well in Germany: "Ich weiss nicht, was in mich gefahren ist."


This lesson is full of nonsensical English.


The whole course is. :(


Maybe while eating? Egy lángos megy belém? LOL


I'd be so happy if a lángos was going in me right now.


To me it seems unlikely that someone can not identify that what he is eating is a lángos ;) Aber du hast mich jetzt auf die zündende Idee gebracht. Maybe this is the outcry of a man eating gulyásleves when suddenly a spider is crawling down his throat!


Lol, das klingt gut. Wer weiss, was sich derjenige gedacht hat, der diese zum Teil recht merkwürdigen Sätze formuliert hat. Womöglich denkt er dabei an etwas ganz anders, als wir.


Vagy egy kolbasz


That is possible, but only in a funny way.
We could also have a talking car at the gas/petrol station.


I'm finding that in the last couple of sections I haven't learnt much Hungarian, but have tried very hard to remember nonsensical English phrases.:(


This is not a good English sentence. Please tell me the context in English. What is it intending to say.


Can this expression mean something like the German "etw. fährt in jmd." / (e.g. "was ist in dich gefahren ") ?


I am not sure what that means, but I can't imagine any idiomatic meaning of this Hungarian sentence. So, I have to take it literally. Something is going into this person. My best guess is that it is from the personal experience of one of our contributors, who got hooked up to the wrong IV (intravenous) fluid just moments before he or she started making up sentences for the new Hungarian Duolingo course.


Haha! That scenario works, too. I recently needed an IV and it took them 5 tries to get IV established. I knew what was going in me but wasn't enjoying the trouble they had getting it in!!!


Ok thanks, I'm probably just questioning these sentences too much ;)


LOL, I agree vvsey


In English we can say: What is going on with me or: What is happening to me. Or: What has gotten into me. But short of force feeding someone your answer seems wrong to me.


But that is what the Hungarian sentence says. So, what can we do? Something is going into me, through a feeding tube or an IV.


This is a question of a fly getting smashed on the windscreen :D

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