"Your orange juice is cold."

Translation:Η πορτοκαλάδα σου είναι κρύα.

October 4, 2016

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"Ο χυμός πορτοκαλιού σας είναι κρύο" seems more accurate, while "πορτοκαλάδα" is rather orangeade... with bubbles, isn't it?


"πορτοκαλάδα" is used for fresh juice or juice in a carton or orange soda (with bubbles). Both "orangeade" and "orange juice" are acceptable translations. One of my favorite dictionaries: https://glosbe.com/el/en/. Thank you for your input.


I remember what my grandma told me when I was a child :-) I already know glosbe and us it with discernment (not always correct, but wealthy)

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